About us

Agro-vet d.o.o. was founded in 1993. by Mr. Mladen Celovec, and today the company is owned by Darko Celovec. Today Agro-vet d.o.o. is fattening beef cattle (300 kg) for further fattening, fattening beef cattle (600 kg) for slaughter, as well as all forms of livestock trading. We sell calves for fattening and slaughter (Romania and Czech Republic), as well as lambs for slaughter.
The company owns a feed mixing facility (HACCP system), veterinary service and three farms for fattening beef cattle. Our team of 30 employees is very professional and resolutely follows the highest European standards of animal husbandry. An extremely important role in our business have thirty subcontractors who are many years with our company, and with their expertise and extensive knowledge in livestock are contributing that Agro-Vet Ltd. today takes a respectable position in the Croatian Livestock breeding. Our goal is to produce top quality meat and to provide our customers high-quality cattle prepared for further fattening.

Company data:
Commercial court Varazdin: Tt-06/494-2,
MBS: 010002473
The share capital of HRK 594,000.00 paid in full;
Management board : Darko Celovec, CEO